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HQ Online Manual

Requirements, Installation, and Software Updates

hqlogo-small Minimum and Recommended System Specifications

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Intel Corei5® or AMD equivalent or higher. 1.84 GHz  (2.4 GHz or higher recommended)
  • 2 GB system memory (4 GB or higher recommended)
  • DirectX 9/10/11 compatible graphics integrated/dedicated (512 MB or higher dedicated graphics card recommended)
  • DirectX 9 or higher compatible sound card
  • 30 GB of disk space
  • 1 USB 2.0 port (USB 3.0 or USB Type-C Optional)
  • Screen resolution of 1024×768 (1280×800 or higher recommended)


  • DVD burner for creating DVD reports
  • Internet connection for emailing reports, uploading reports to Ridgid Connect, and downloading software updates.

HQ is currently only compatible with PC platform computers.

During the HQ installation process it will show a list of languages you can choose from and the language preference can be changed at any time by going into the General Preferences area of the HQ Settings.


  • Make sure that your SeeSnake hardware is disconnected from your computer before installing HQ software for the first time. If you do not have an installation disc or thumb drive, you can download the latest version of HQ HERE
  • Insert the HQ installation disk or USB thumb drive into the computer’s CD or DVD drive or USB port to begin the installation process.
  • If the install doesn’t start automatically from the disc or you have downloaded the software, double click setup.exe or seesnakehq.exe and follow the on-screen prompts for installation. You will want to select Yes, Next, and Finish where applicable. This process will install both the software and the drivers required to use the LT1000 with HQ.

Software Updates for HQ

* For Updates to the software on your SeeSnake Equipment and Hardware, please read the section below titled: “Software Updates for your SeeSnake Equipment and Devices”

  • Automatic Software Updates

HQ is set up to check software updates automatically so you don’t have to.

The updater will always prompt you to install updates and will never install an update without permission.
You will have to be connected to the internet before HQ can download any software updates.

  • Manual Software Updates

The Recommended Method to manually check for software updates within HQ:

> Click on Updates from the Main Screen in HQ > Update HQ Software.

The Alternative Method to check for software updates for HQ, is by using the HQ Tray Application that appears in the Windows Taskbar. It is usually located in the bottom right corner or your Windows screen, follow the guide below to learn more about it.

HQ Tray Application or Autolauncher

HQ_Tray_icon You may have noticed that there is an HQ icon in your computer’s system tray. This is the Auto-Launcher. You can access the Auto-Launcher and its options by double clicking the icon in the systems tray or by right-clicking it and selecting Options. The Auto-Launcher is installed to run when you start Windows and is intended to always be running. This program has three jobs:

  • Launch HQ when the user inserts a thumb drive containing Jobs
  • Launch HQ when a user plugs in an LT1000 device
  • Check for and install HQ software updates

Auto-Launcher Options

HQ Autolauncher Tray Application

HQ Autolauncher Tray Application

Autolauncher General Tab

  1. Show Tray Icon: Disabling this will only make the updater invisible. It will continue to run in the background, but will be inaccessible from the tray.
  2. Show Notifications: This option can be used to suppress “Balloon” messages that appear off the system tray.
  3. Auto-launch HQ when LT1000 detected: Controls whether the launcher will launch HQ when an LT1000 is plugged into the system.
  4. Run this program when I log on to Windows: The installer sets up the launcher to always start automatically whenever you restart the computer. This option allows the user to shut this feature off and not use the launcher at all.

Autolauncher Updates Tab

    1. Check for updates: Automatically checks for updates. You can always check for updates manually with the Check for updates button.
    2. Download updates automatically: This allows the launcher to download the update as soon as it determines an update is available. Otherwise, the user must initiate the download manually by clicking the Check for updates button.
    3. Check for updates button. Select this option to update HQ manually.

Checking For Updates Manually

You can check for updates manually with either of the following methods:

  • HQ Home Window > Updates > Update HQ Software
  • HQ Tray Application > Updates > Check For Updates

If your software is up to date, you will see this window:

SeeSnake HQ Showing it is Updated with the Latest Software Version.

SeeSnake HQ Showing it is Updated with the Latest Software Version.

If software updates are available, you will see this window:


*Note: The Automatic Updater will download HQ updates automatically if there is an update and an internet connection available, but it will always prompt the user for permission before installing the updates.

Software Updates for your SeeSnake Equipment and Devices

HQ_software_update_neededIf a yellow exclamation point icon appears next to any of your equipment listed in the equipment locker, it indicates that you need a software update on your device. After you update your software and import new jobs into HQ, this icon will no longer appear.

  • HQ may ask you to register for the free Equipment Locker. To register, highlight any of your listed SeeSnake equipment, or click on the Sign In button on the top right hand corner (examples shown below). Fill out the form and click the link in the activation email you receive.

Where to sign up for the HQ Equipment Locker in SeeSnake HQ.

  • To update your device, click the updates button in the top left menu bar, then select your device, (You can also click on your device on the left in the Equipment Locker, and click the update button that appears on the right). You must be connected to the internet to update your device.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions and Insert a thumb drive into your computer, select the USB thumb drive you plugged in to create installation drive, and wait for the update to download and create the installation on the thumb drive.
  • * Some Ridgid Seesnake equipment like the SR-24 locator and LT1000 Laptop Interface can connect to your computer’s USB port using a USB cable. If this is the case, plug in the cable and follow the on-screen instructions in HQ to update the device software.

HQ CS6 update3

  • Once downloaded, simply insert the USB thumb drive into the SeeSnake Equipment, power it up and agree to install the update when it prompts you. The process will take a several minutes and your device may reboot a few times before it is complete.

Update Found

  • If it doesn’t accept the update on the first try, your equipment may already be up to date. You can try again by removing the USB thumb drive and plugging it back in. To check what the latest software version available for your device is, highlight your device in the Equipment Locker, or go HERE.

HQ CS6 update4

HQ CS6 update5

  • After you update your device software, it will show the update version on the screen (Some devices will require you to find the current software version in the settings) and HQ will show it as a pending update until you import inspection jobs again from your device.
HQ showing a software update is pending for a Ridgid CS6

HQ showing a software update is pending for a Ridgid CS6

HQ_software_update_neededIf a yellow exclamation point icon appears next to any of your equipment listed in the equipment locker, it indicates that you need a software update on your device. You can simply click on the device and then click update to update your software. After you update your software, this icon will no longer appear.

HQ_newdevice If a yellow attention icon appears next to any of your equipment listed in the equipment locker, it indicates HQ recognizes that as a new or unregistered device. After you register your equipment, this icon will no longer appear.


* NOTE: If you do not wish to register for the Equipment Locker, but still want to update your equipment software, just click the updates button in the top left hand corner of HQ. Alternatively, after you import an inspection job into HQ from the SeeSnake device that requires the software update, you can simply highlight the device (as shown below), and select “Download Latest Software”.