Job Space

HQ Job Space is the location on your computer or device where the job files and media are stored and is named “Jobs” by default.

  • The HQ Job Space appears as a file cabinet icon on left side of the home screen. You can add, rename, or change Job Space locations by going to the File menu and selecting Add Job Space, or by right clicking in the Job Space list and selecting Add Job Space.
  • You can also create Job Spaces on external drives.


To add additional job space like an external or network drive: 

Right-click on the Job Space and select Add Job Space, and then pick the location or drive to use for additional job space.

HQ add job space right click

Change the default Job Space:

  • To change the default location of where your jobs are stored, right-click on the jobs folder and select “Change Location”


  • Select the location or folder on your device where you want jobs to be saved to.
  • You can also rename the Job Space using that same right-click menu.