What is the SeeSnake CS65 and what can it do?

The SeeSnake® CS65 digital reporting monitor generates professional, high-quality multimedia reports for every inspection, eliminating time consuming post processing. The CS65 features a user-replaceable 1 TB hard drive and dual USB ports you can record to multiple devices simultaneously, bypassing the extra steps of loading media and editing jobs on a PC after the fact.


The CS65 automatically records everything to the internal hard drive ensuring that you always have a copy and record of your inspections. With its dual recording capability you have a copy for yourself and up to 2 copies saved on USB drives to give to customers or import into the free HQ Software.


The CS65 is easy to use in even the most demanding work environments. The built-in, water-resistant, splash-proof keyboard means that, in addition to adding notes to captures and recordings, you can quickly enter your company’s contact information, job location, and customer details into reports. Easily view captured media and reports on the CS65’s 165 mm [6.5 in] daylight viewable screen. Execute more inspections in less time with one-touch recording and automatic report generation.

Where can I find the Operation Manual for the SeeSnake CS65?

The CS65 comes with an Operators Manual including complete Instructions. The CS6 Manuals can also be found online by clicking the link below:


Where can I find the specifications for the CS65?

Please visit the CS65 Product Page for full specifications and details located at the following link:


SeeSnake CS65 Product Page

What is a job in a CS65?
  • The CS65 will help you organize your inspections by grouping all the associated still photos, Photo Talk, videos, autolog videos, text notes, jobsite, and customer information into what we call a Job. Jobs give you a convenient way to transfer inspection data from the CS65, and they form the basis for creating Reports both in the CS65 and in the associated HQ software.
  • As you work with your CS65, Jobs are automatically assembled on the internal hard drive as well as any USB thumb drive plugged into the CS65.  The media and information you collect during the inspection process is all included, to make inspection report organization easy to understand and automatic.
Does the SeeSnake CS65 have a hard drive or any internal memory?

Yes, the CS65 contains a built-in 1 Terabyte capacity hard drive to save your inspection jobs to automatically. You can also plug in the included USB flash drive into either of the dual USB ports, so you can record and sync to multiple devices simultaneously.

How do I deliver my CS65 job report via USB thumb drive?
  • After closing current Jobs and finalizing a Report, remove the flash drive from the CS65 and insert it into a USB port on a computer to view the list of files.
  • Double-click the file named report.html to view the media in a web browser. Click on the preview of each media item in the web browser to view full size photos and to playback video and Autolog video.
  • If you have the free HQ Software installed on your computer, you can open it to automatically import CS65 jobs from a USB thumb drive. We have designed both the CS65 and HQ to work together in order to provide you and your customer with easy-to-use and powerful reporting and distribution options.
  • You can transfer your Jobs to SeeSnake HQ by simply plugging the USB drive that you utilized with the CS65 into your HQ-ready computer. When you open SeeSnake HQ, it will automatically ask you if you’d like to import your Jobs. You Can download the free software here: HQ

Job Contents

How do I update the software on my CS65?
  • Install the included HQ software on a PC/laptop and check for CS65 updates in HQ by inserting a USB flash drive into the computer. If you do not have an HQ install disk, you can download it HERE.
  • HQ may ask you to register for free the first time you start it. After doing so, you can add equipment to the HQ Equipment Locker and update the software for your devices.


  • To update your device, click the updates button in the top left menu bar, then select your device, (You can also click on your CS65 on the left in the Equipment Locker, and click the update button that appears on the right). You must be connected to the internet to update your device.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to Insert a thumb drive into your computer, select the USB thumb drive you plugged in to create installation drive, and wait for the update to download and create the installation.

HQ CS65 update5

  • Once downloaded, simply insert the USB thumb drive into the CS65, power it up and agree to install the update when it prompts you.
  • If it doesn’t accept the update on the first try, try again by removing the USB thumb drive and plugging it back in.
  • If you update your device software, HQ will show it as a pending update until you import new inspection jobs again from your device again.

HQ_software_update_neededIf a yellow exclamation icon appears next to any of your equipment listed in the equipment locker, it indicates that you need a software update on your device. You can simply click on the device and then click update to update your software. After you update your software, this icon will no longer appear.

HQ_newjob If a yellow attention icon appears next to any of your equipment listed in the equipment locker, it indicates HQ recognizes that as a new or unregistered device. After you register your equipment, this icon will no longer appear.

How can I capture media (Video, pictures, and sound) with my CS65?

To record video:

  • Press the Video Key to start recording a video. Press the Microphone Mute Key to record video without audio. To stop the Video recording, press the Video Key one more time. To Pause the video, press the Select key.

To record autolog video:

  • Recording an Autolog Video is a great way to capture a highly compressed video of your entire inspection. An Autolog Video recording saves screen images at a lower frame rate than standard video, which results in a smaller file size. The smaller files make transferring and archiving your videos faster and easier. During an Autolog Video recording the audio will record continuously even at the reduced frame rate.
  • Press the Autolog Key once to start recording an Autolog Video. Press the Autolog Key a second time to stop the recording. You can capture additional photos and/or higher-quality video clips while recording an Autolog Video in the background by pressing the Photo Key or the Video Key.

To take a Photo

  • To take a Photo, press the Photo Key. This will capture a still picture of whatever is on your screen, and add it to the current job.

To record a Photo Talk

  • Photo Talk allows you to take a photo and then add audio commentary. To record a Photo Talk, long press (3< seconds) the Photo key . After 90 seconds of audio recording the system prompts you to save or continue recording.

To add a note:

  • Press the Text Key. This will open up the Note screen where you enter your note using the onscreen CS65 keyboard. When you are done, press the Select Key to save the note.

Detailed operation instructions:

For more detailed instructions on how to operate the SeeSnake CS65, please see the included Operators Manual. The CS65 Manuals can also be found online by clicking the links below:

How do I change job names on the CS65?

To name a job when creating a new job with the CS65:

Select the job folder button and using the arrow buttons, navigate to the job settings area.

CS65 job name settings

Once there, change the Name Jobs option to yes, using the arrows, and press the job folder button again to save the change.

CS65 change job name

Now when you create a new job in the CS65, it will ask you to type in a name. Type in the name and select save.

CS65 change job name folder view

Now the job will appear with the name you selected when viewed in the CS65, on the thumb drive and in HQ.

*NOTE – This won’t change existing job names that already exist on the CS65, only jobs created after the name job option is selected in the CS65 settings.


How do I make backup copies of my jobs and what do I do if my CS65 internal hard drive is full?

If you want to make copies of your CS65 jobs or you have filled up your CS65 1 Terabyte capacity hard drive with jobs, there are a few things you can do.


You can copy jobs on your CS65 to USB thumb drives.

  • Select the Job Folder Button.
  • Select Manage Jobs.
  • Select the jobs you want to copy to a USB thumb drive by using the direction arrows and select key to choose the individual jobs to copy.
  • Select the Job Copy button.
  • The system will prompt you to agree to copy the selected jobs, select yes and the jobs will be copied to the USB thumb drive.
  • The system will let you know if you have selected too many jobs for the capacity of the USB thumb drive.
  • Once the jobs are copied, The CS65 will ask if you now want to delete the jobs from the CS65 that you just copied to a USB thumb drive.
  • If you choose, you can import these jobs from your USB thumb drive into HQ for saving, editing, or archiving.

You can delete jobs from your CS65 that you have already copied to your computer or external storage devices.

  • Select the Job Folder Button.
  • Select Manage Jobs.
  • Select the jobs you want to delete by using the direction arrows and select key to choose the individual jobs to delete.
  • Select the Delete Button to delete the job files you have selected.
  • The CS65 will prompt you to agree to delete the jobs, select yes and the jobs will be deleted.
  • The CS65 will confirm the jobs were deleted.

You can remove the CS65 internal hard drive to copy job files or replace the hard drive in your CS65

  • Follow the instructions to remove or replace the hard drive in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-a_1VYiejs&feature=youtu.be
  • The file system on the CS65 hard drive is EXT4, which is based on Linux.
  • If you want to plug the CS65 hard drive into a Windows computer, you will have to get EXT4 drivers before it will recognize your CS65 job files.
  • We have tested Paragon EXT4 drivers successfully and you can find them here: http://www.paragon-drivers.com/extfs-windows/
  • Once the EXT4 drivers are installed, you can plug in the removed CS65 hard drive to your PC and copy all the CS65 job files on the hard drive to your PC. Make sure you have enough room on your computer before copying all the job files. Job files are usually named with the date of the job.


How can I operate my CS65 in extreme temperatures?

SeeSnake CS65 Extreme Temperature Operation Video

Why is the video and audio out of sync in my CS65 job?

This is usually caused by your USB thumb drive/flash drive. Try using a different brand of thumb drive and make sure you format it the drive in FAT32 format using your computer before use.

We recommend USB Thumb drives with the following:


How can I replace the hard drive in my CS65?

SeeSnake CS65 Hard Drive Replacement Video

When is it safe to remove the thumb drive from my CS65?

Only remove a thumb when there is no active media capturing (i.e. recordings, pic, and job creation), and the green check is displayed and the blue LED is NOT blinking.
NEVER remove a USB thumb drive from a CS65 during an active recording. This can cause file breakage or media corruption.

Why is there no Sound during playback?
  • Verify the microphone LED is on under the microphone key. If it is off, press the microphone key.
  • Check the speaker volume by selecting the menu key and navigating to the CS65 Settings using the arrow keys.
  • Check the Microphone Gain by selecting the menu key and navigating to the CS65 Settings using the arrow keys.
Why is my CS65 date and time incorrect?

Select the Menu key and use the arrow keys on the keypad or keyboard to navigate to the Set Time and Date settings.

What is syncing and how do I sync jobs on the CS65?

Syncing copies the open job to inserted USB drives exactly as it is saved on the primary storage device. Newly captured media is synced in real time to both the primary storage device and inserted USB drives ensuring that you will have a backup copy for your files or to give to customers. The system can be set to automatically sync jobs, never sync jobs, or ask to sync each time a new job is opened. To sync a job after the fact, set it as the open job.


Syncing Jobs

Set your syncing preferences in Job settings tab . Highlight Sync open job to USB drive and press the Select key to cycle through Always sync, Never sync, or ask me.

How can I change the camera reel measurement units?

Adjust the reel measurement units by pressing menu > Reel Options > Units.