The SeeSnake® CS6Pak is a compact, portable digital reporting monitor which you can use for basic pipe inspections or, when a USB drive is inserted, for advanced inspections utilizing its built-in reporting capabilities. With the CS6Pak you can deliver a USB drive containing a professional, automatically generated report of the inspection to your customer. The CS6Pak’s ability to generate job reports means you can deliver impressive reports without having to load media and edit jobs as a secondary step.

The CS6Pak and CS6 have the same great software and reporting capabilities in two distinct form factors. While the CS6Pak can connect to any SeeSnake camera reel with the SeeSnake system cable, it conveniently mounts on the docking system on the SeeSnake Compact2 for viewing ease, quick setup, and transport.

Included with your CS6Pak is the free HQ reporting software. Edit your job recording in HQ and generate customized reports featuring videos and photos of your inspection. You can print, e-mail, export, or upload the job reports, and even create DVDs for your customers in HQ. Install the HQ software from the included disk or download the latest version of HQ for free from the link below.

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